6 Hacks for Brides-To-Be To Blend Fashion With Comfort in Glamorous Heels!

6 Hacks for Brides-To-Be To Blend Fashion With Comfort in Glamorous Heels!

There are always infinite preparations in the run up to the big day when you will be finally taking the plunge into marital life. Shopping for the right ensembles, jewelry, and wedding sandals for bride is one of the most important activities preceding this momentous occasion! When we speak of wedding shoes, heels are the undisputed choice of most brides-to-be. That’s why Prisca offers a luxury assemblage of bridal footwear, including readymade pieces as well as bespoke options. From your sangeet to the wedding ceremony and reception party, we have the perfect pair of heels for every nuptial event!

But we understand that with the allure of adorning heels, also comes something dreadful that no woman would want to face on her D-day – pain! However, we also believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your love of heels to put your comfort needs ahead. So, what if we told you that there are ways in which you can have both? Read on! 6 Tips To Feel Comfortable in Your Elegant Bridal Heels

1. A bit of prior usage can help
After you buy sandals online or in-person for your big day, leaving them untouched in its packaging until the wedding might seem like an appropriate thing to do – but we at House of Prisca suggest otherwise. In fact, if you practice walking around in your bridal heels for a few days before the event, it can offer better ease of movement and less pain as a result. Our tip? Slip into the shoes for half hour intervals while at home, in the week leading up to your wedding. Whilst doing this exercise, you can also don a thick pair of socks underneath your heels to expand the shoes more.

2. Wearing strappy high heels? Lubricate them!
If you have purchased strappy bridal high heels, say for instance – Aliza or Kiara from Prisca’s wedding wear range, you also have to ensure that the friction due to the straps doesn’t irritate your skin. The best bet to avoid this is to moisten the areas of your feet – where the straps touch the skin – with deodorant! Yes, deodorant can provide a lubricated barrier between your skin and the stunning strappy sandals you will be adorning – for all- round comfort as well as utmost elegance!

3. Buy cushioned inserts for your heeled sandals
This hack is a godsend for brides-to-be who might be suffering from any foot ailments. When shopping for cushioned inserts for your wedding heels, you can either buy a gel insole or a full insole that supports your total foot length, or shop for smaller pads that offer targeted support to the balls, toes, or arches of your feet – depending upon your problem areas.

4. Line your footwear with soft fabric
Lining the inside portion of your bridal heels with a thin, plush fabric can help minimize friction. If the pair you have bought has restrictive designs or tight straps, you may consider this tip. But at House of Prisca, all the shoes we create are made of the finest quality vegan raw materials, designed to grant you both comfort and style in abundance!

5. Expand the shoe width using heat
Expanding the width of shoes by warming them up before using them is a good idea, but it needs to be exercised with some caution. You may use a hair dryer or place them near a radiator for generating heat, which can improve the shoe fabric’s ductility. The benefit of this hack is that it helps the shoes adapt to your feet’s contours comfortably a few moments later. But make sure that you don’t overheat the pair as that can damage them!

6. Purchase a larger shoe size
If you want your toes to enjoy some extra wiggle room, opt for a slightly bigger shoe size than your usual one when buying bridal heels. The key here is to buy a size that’s about half a size to one full size larger than your normal shoe size. But if you’re doing this, ensure that there is just sufficient space at the heel and toe, but not even so much that you have trouble moving around.

With the aforementioned tips by your side, brides can revel in their wedding celebrations without a care in the world! For greater comfort in your wedding footwear, you can shop for eclectic customized heels from House of Prisca.
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