6 Tips To Give Your Feet the TLC They Deserve After a Long and Tiring Day in Heels

6 Tips To Give Your Feet the TLC They Deserve After a Long and Tiring Day in Heels

We all love to wear high heels. But the only question we ask ourselves after a long and tiring day of wearing heels is, “why do they hurt so much?” Our feet experience pain and the calves become sore when we wear heels for a long period of time. The footwear of choice for the workforce is usually formal heels for ladies and formal shoes for men. All types of women’s heels, whether wedges or stilettos, shift your weight towards the ball of the foot. It is very important to take care of your feet and treat the soreness.   

Follow these 6 tips to heal your feet after a high heel hangover:

1. Choosing the right type of heel

When we wear heels, the hammertoes, ingrown nails and bunions face pressure. This pressure can cause problems as you age, so it is very important to choose feet-friendly footwear. Block heels are broad-based. They offer better support and stability than stilettos. Rio by Prisca is a beautiful pair of block heels with one of a kind design. Similarly, wedges help distribute the weight evenly onto your foot. The chic and beautiful Tessa by Prisca is extremely comfortable to walk around in. This new style of sandals exudes style and provides comfort.

2. Soaking your feet

Treat sore feet by soaking them in a tub filled with hot water. The heat will help ease tired muscles. Once you are done with soaking, apply your preferred heel repair cream to deeply condition and restore your skin.

3. Stretching your foot and ankle muscles

Heels cause the muscles to tighten. It is very important to stretch the muscles using simple movements. Try doing 10 ankle rotations in each direction on both feet. Then keep your feet straight in front of you and perform the point and flex exercise. You can immediately feel the stretch all the way up to your calf muscles.

4. Use of foot insoles

Insoles are an added support while wearing heels. They provide support to the ball of your foot. Investing in a good quality pair of gel or silicone removable insoles will take you a long way.

5. Treating your feet

The pressure points can crack and become painful from wearing heels. Buffing away calluses and exfoliating your feet can reduce the appearance of hard skin. You must also take some time and sort out improperly cut or ingrown toenails, which can be very painful.

6. Wearing comfortable flats

After stretching and massaging your feet, rest and spend as much time as possible barefoot. If you have to venture out, slip into your most comfortable flats. With extra cushioned sole and butter like fabric, Candice by Prisca is a pair that is definitely among the most comfortable and stylish flats for women online, that you must add to your collection!

Choosing a pair of footwear that is kind to your feet is important. We, at House of Prisca, create our shoes only with the highest quality raw materials. Our shoes are sustainable and eco-friendly. We celebrate every lady’s unique individuality and style with our delightful designs!

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