Top 5 Reasons Why Women Can’t Have Enough of Block Heels!

Top 5 Reasons Why Women Can’t Have Enough of Block Heels!

Crafted with broad bases, block heels are unlike stilettos. They bring better stability and support. Blocks heels are designer sandals for women with a huge range in heel variety. Their USP is the ease of wear, as they can be worn outdoors, for dancing, or to a long-lasting event. Block heels are timeless and classic. They appear modern and fresh, which revitalizes your look. Although stilettos have been glorified as the formal-shoes-of-choice; these broad-based shoes make sure you do not have to sacrifice style for comfort.

Block heels have been stealing the show in the recent years. Are you ready to add this footwear to your collection? For your perusal and decision we have listed below various reasons why block heels should belong in every woman’s shoe closet:

5 Reasons Why Women Adore Block Heels

1.      Provides Comfort

Block heels have a great advantage; they have broad bases that bring height without putting strain on your feet. These heels can bring great comfort if you are being plagued by aching ankles and muscle fatigue every time you wear high-heeled footwear. The basic-but-not-so-basic mule heel by Prisca defines the statement ‘Bold and Beautiful’. It is comfortable to wear and will help you rock the boss-lady look.

2.  Trending Footwear

The block heels made a comeback in 2019. Since then, block heels have been dominating runways and fashion lines. They are created using the trendiest designs that are in season. Block heels are rocking the club scene. You just have to browse Prisca’s range of party wear heels online and select the pair you want.

3.  Perfect Choice For Formal Occasions

With the advantage of long-lasting comfort and support, block heels have become the go-to for any event. Block heels help you endure an event if it is long and involves standing for more than a few hours. As block heels have a better-balanced style, you will face no problem rocking these shoes on the dance floor at a wedding.

4. Versatility

Block heels are comfortable enough to be worn while hustling your daily regime. They are also trendy enough to fit into your party aesthetic. The different designs suit different occasions perfectly. The closed fronted design of the Barcelona block heels helps you rock that summer dress at a brunch. The puffy heel design of Hope by Prisca gives your attire a fantasyland look.

5. Multiple Heel  & Design Choices

When looking for purchasing block heels, you browse through varied ranges of heel heights. Our collection at Prisca, a footwear label based in Mumbai, reflects both timeless silhouettes and eclectic innovative designs. We enable our clients to customize footwear to their individual style, for any occasion.

Block heels definitely belong at the top in the category of latest heels for ladies. They are the answer to your prayers to not be stuck choosing between looking good and your ankle health. You can start this season off on the right foot with block heels from Prisca. Our vision at Prisca is to see every woman feeling confident and comfortable in their footwear. Our shoes are customizable and are crafted with care using vegan materials.

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